Thank-you so much for our gladiators. The fish were well packed, the heat packs were still warm. The fish acclimated well and were eating within an hour of releasing them into our reef tank.”  – John S.  Saint Paul, MN

” We will definitely be doing business with you again. Thankx for the bonus and free food. They took to it like champs”  Aaron P. Miami FL

“They look GREAT from what i saw of them in the bag! Far exceeded my expectations for what we paid for them” Group buy for DWFMAS.  Dallas Fort Worth TX


“Long story short, I couldn’t be happier. The fish are fantastic and Jaime oozes customer service. This hobby can always benefit from new sources willing to go the extra mile. I’m sold on his eagerness and attention to detail.” Bary P. Pengrove CA.


“I couldn’t believe the fish i got. Simply Amazing. The fish arrived as promised. I woke up the next day and my new onyx clown fish were already hosting in my anemone” Sarah H. Marietta, GA

“I bought a couple pairs of premium clowns and love it. Beside the beautiful fish, his price is extremely reasonable and his customer service is exceptional. If you are looking for some nice clowns, I’d definitely recommend Jamie.” Kevin V. Maplewood MN


“ I asked my local saltwater store to get me a premium pair of snowflakes. I was disappointed with what they got in. I spoke with Jaime and he sent me a video of some of his snowflakes and i was able to choose and pick out which ones i wanted. I’ll definitely be ordering my other fish from him again.” Demitry G. Memphis, Tn.

“ My nano tank crashed and my wife and daughter were devastated at the loss of our picasso pair of clowns. We had them for over 4 years. I wanted a pair with patterns similar to the ones we lost. Tank Bred Aquatics was able to do this unlike other online sellers. They catered to us and went above customer service found at other places.” Mark D. Brooklyn, NY